Professional Writings

Rorschach Assessments of Homeless Children

In Using Projective Methods with Children: The Selected Works of Steve Tuber (Routledge Publishers).

Rage, Forgiveness, and Acceptance: Parenting Through Difficult Moments

In Parenting: Contemporary Clinical Perspectives, S. Tuber editor (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers).

Promoting Social and Emotional Development in Young Children: Mental Health Supports in Early Childhood Settings

In Social and Emotional Health in Early Childhood: Building Bridges between Services and Systems. D. Perry, R. Kauffman, and J Knitzer, editors (Brookes Publishing).

Promoting Social and Emotional Development in Young Children: The Role of Mental Health Consultants in Early Childhood Settings
In Set for Success: Building a strong foundation for school readiness based on the social-emotional development of young children. (The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation)

Mental Health Collaborations in Head Start

NHSA Dialog, the journal of the National Head Start Association

The Treatment of Homeless Children and Families: Integrating Mental Health Services into a Head Start Model

Appeared in Early Intervention With High-Risk Children. A. Zelman editor (Jason Aronson)

The Impact of Homelessness on Children's Level of Aspiration"
(with S.B. Tuber)
Appeared in Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

Rorschach Adaptive Fantasy Images and Coping in Children under Severe Environmental Stress
(with S.B. Tuber)
Appeared in Journal of Personality Assessment