Parenting Without Fear

St. Martin's Press (August 9, 2007)
Paperback original, 5.5 x 8.25
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Become the confident, assured, and happy parent that you want to be.

Many parents experience enormous pressure to do everything right for their children, and feel overwhelmed with their responsibilities. They are anxious and fearful that they are failing their children if they do not everything they possibly can for them.

Dr. Paul Donahue helps parents to calm their worries and do less for their children. He encourages parents to rethink their priorities, and to teach their kids to be independent, to persevere, to cooperate and respect adults, to be mindful, to imagine and explore their world, and to develop compassion for others.

This book will help parents balance their own needs with those of their children, and to make informed choices regarding what is truly best for their family and home life. It gives parents the necessary tools and courage to manage their children's academics, social lives, skill building activities, and athletics. For the typical family juggling hectic schedules and multiple demands, it provides a road map to a more peaceful and satisfying existence.

Mental Health Consultation in Early Childhood

By Paul J. Donahue, Ph.D., Beth Falk, Ph.D., Anne Gersony Provet, Ph.D.
Published January 2000
Brookes Publishing Co.
304 pages - 6 x 9 paperback - ISBN 1-55766-449-8

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Mental Health Consultation in Early Childhood provides techniques and insight into how mental health professionals can establish effective collaborations in early childhood centers, and can work with teachers to promote the social and emotional development of young children.

The book offers clear guidance on how to:

  • Enter the school and recognize its role in the community
  • Establish and maintain partnerships with administration and teachers
  • Develop relationships with children and their families
  • Work with young children during class, in groups and one-on-one
  • Intervene in traumas and crisis situations

By bringing mental health consultants into early childhood programs, children get the services they need, teachers receive support and guidance, and professionals can enjoy an effective way to reach out to families in their community. Thousands of mental health professionals and educators have found this book an invaluable tool, supporting them in an innovative, collaborative way to better reach the children and families they serve.