Clinical Practice

Resilient Children, Thriving Families

Children and adolescents are typically referred to Dr. Donahue because they are struggling in one or more aspects of their lives- academic, social, behavioral or emotional. Although the goal of therapy includes resolving these issues or lessening their impact, a successful outcome goes beyond "fixing" the current problem. Dr. Donahue's mission is to help children build a foundation of emotional and intellectual strength and resourcefulness, and to help families function more harmoniously. He works closely with parents to understand their children's temperament, emphasize their strengths and foster their resilience. (Read more about a successful recent child treatment)

Child Assessment and Therapy
Adolescent Therapy
Family Counseling

For children and adolescents to have:

Healthier relationships with family members and peers
Improved functioning in school
Enhanced self-confidence necessary for future success

Confident Parents

With all the worries about raising children these days, most parents have questions about where to focus their energy. Dr. Donahue helps mothers and fathers to set their priorities and to encourage their children to become independent, hard working, thoughtful and compassionate. These consultations give parents the confidence to trust their own judgment and the courage to make decisions that reflect their families' values and aspirations. (Read about one couple's journey)

Parent Consultation
Parent-Focused Therapy
Parent Groups

For parents to have:

A clear mission statement for what they want to teach their children
Solid routines and structure that help their kids to thrive
Their own pursuits and interests to model independence and self-efficacy

Successful, Thoughtful Adults

Men and women come to therapy for myriad reasons. Some feel burdened by sadness or anxiety, others are coping with significant life changes or loss. Most share two goals- they wish to have successful and engaging work lives, and meaningful relationships with their family and friends. Dr. Donahue helps his clients to identify their immediate objectives and explore their ambitions, and to slowly remove the obstacles that prevent them from leading more fulfilling lives.

Individual Therapy

For clients to have:

Improved relationships with loved ones
Less stress and more control over their lives
Satisfying career developments
Active, engaging and entertaining interests