Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring

Child Development Consulting

Dr. Donahue's wide-ranging expertise in early childhood development, adolescence and family dynamics has helped him become a leading consultant to school districts, state and federal agencies, academic researchers, policy makers and media organizations.

His interests include:

  • Working with schools and families to understand and manage new technologies
  • Helping parents to reduce their anxiety and re-assess their goals (Read a brief excerpt from Dr. Donahue's latest book, Parenting Without Fear)
  • Re-introducing ethics, compassion and citizenship in elementary, middle and high schools
  • Reducing the impact of stress and trauma on children, families and schools
  • Promoting social and emotional development in early childhood education (Find out more (82KB))
  • Presenting respectful and effective models of family therapeutic interventions to the media
  • Re-focusing children's mental health on wellness, resilience and family cohesion

"Dr. Paul Donahue has provided exceptional training in early childhood mental health to national audiences and helped us develop a training guide on this subject. Over the years I have recommended Dr. Donahue as an expert consultant to several states that needed help in developing programs to address the mental health needs of young children, their families, and caregivers, with very positive results."
Roxane K. Kaufmann
Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development

Coaching and Corporate Consulting

In the current competitive business climate, experienced professionals have to learn how to effectively assert their authority and streamline their resources. Many are also struggling to find the right balance of work and family life, and to re-define their roles in the office and at home.

Executive Consultation

Through a series of brief consultations and assessments, Dr. Donahue is able to provide his clients with a clear sense of their interpersonal strengths and the areas to address to maximize their effectiveness as leaders and managers. He also helps senior executives to carefully assess their own goals, both personal and professional, and offers advice and strategy for those considering career moves. This work always includes steps clients can take to reduce their stress, and to remain connected with their children and spouses, and fully integrated into their families. (Read how one female executive resolved her dilemma)

Working Mothers

Despite the gains of the last few decades, women in leadership roles often face significant hurdles. Working mothers must go that much further to prove their value and continue on a successful career path. Dr. Donahue has a keen understanding of corporate hierarchies, and the challenges facing working mothers. He helps his clients to not only gain confidence in their role as parents, but also to become self-assured leaders who recognize their value and are not reticent about sharing their successes. (To find out more read Dr. Donahue's white paper, Working Mothers in Corporate Leadership)

Professional Mentoring

Senior educational administrators, medical providers and mental health professionals often find themselves with a puzzling dilemma: Who should they go to when they need help? Whether it's dealing with trauma, managing stress, supervising staff, or providing treatment in a particularly complicated case, we all have moments when going it alone is not an option.

Dr. Donahue is available for individual conferences and ongoing consultations with professional colleagues in New York and across the country. These conferences usually entail the following:

  • Detailed assessment of the immediate problem.
  • Review of resources currently in place and under consideration.
  • Examination of parent and family involvement
  • Strategy sessions to explore treatment and educational options
  • Mechanisms for providing staff support and stress reduction.
"Dr. Donahue has become an integral part of our program. With his expertise and sensitivity, he helps us understand "the whole child" as we work together to support the development of our children and families during the early years."
Deborah Fine
Executive Director, Kids' B.A.S.E. & The Little School
Scarsdale, NY